Whether you are a business in need of funding or an investor looking for an alternative investment vehicle, F&P go to great lengths to ensure your affairs are managed professionally and your best interests are foremost in our planning and management.
The Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending platform we use has built-in safety and security principles, which is why F&P are Accredited Sponsors. We look at potential borrower businesses, working with them to ensure their organisation is in the best possible shape before their loan case is offered to any lenders. This involves comprehensive due diligence and, where necessary, structural or financial adjustments to the business to ensure maximum security and reassurance for potential lenders.

For our clients – business borrowers – we have a network of dedicated Consultants across the UK who will work with you to ensure your loan application is received as favourably as possible when presented to our supportive P2P lenders.
Each of our Consultants have invaluable experience of financial management, business turnaround and funding. Many are accountants and all come from a professional background with specialist skills and experience to offer.

Back in 1980 Ivor established and built the largest corporate practice general agency with Allied Dunbar, now Zurich Insurance. It brokered insurance, investments, pensions and commercial mortgages and, in 1994, he ‘invented’ the first flexible offset mortgage in the UK.
His invaluable commercial experience, expansive contact network, marketing insight and analytical skills equip him to be a dynamic and effective deal maker.

Deborah has extensive experience as a Company Secretary and Business Administrator. Over the past 30 years, she has worked in the banking, financial services, legal and construction sectors. She understands the complex requirements of loan documentation and security.
Deborah manages the preparation of information memoranda for lenders, due diligence, security and case documentation, and is responsible for all aspects of administration and IT.

As a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser, Andrew has been advising SMEs for more than 25 years. His holistic, all-encompassing approach is highly valued by clients as he has extensive experience in legal, tax and corporate finance matters as well as fundraising.
Having sold his tax and accountancy practices, he is now a consultant to legal and accountancy practices, and is a Senior Consultant at F&P.


Stewart is an experienced banker specialising in real estate. Having spent his career based in London, Stewart has a strong industry profile and an extensive client network.
Formerly a Director of The Bank of Scotland having spent 31 years there as a property finance specialist, Stewart joined Lloyds TSB in 2010 before moving to Metro Bank as Commercial Banking Director in 2013. He became an F&P Consultant in 2015.

Rupert has over 25 years’ experience in travel, logistics, retail and outsourcing B2B. He retired at 33 after exiting from his own business portfolio, subsequently advising a US company expanding into Europe.
Rupert has turned around companies with £30m+ turnover and a £50m retail company. He is one of the youngest F&P Consultants, has close links with the senior management team and with past SMOs.

Richard is a key member of the F&P team and is based in Kent. He is a Chartered Accountant, a Member of The Institute for Turnaround and a licensed insolvency practitioner.
Having spent over 20 years in corporate restructuring and recovery, Richard set up the turnaround arm of Barclays Ventures in 2004 through which he restructured over 35 investments including construction and healthcare businesses.

Martin is a CEO/CFO based in Newcastle, although he has experience from assignments across the UK, Europe and the Middle East.
He is CEO of Darlington FC, an accredited Member of the Institute for Turnaround and is on the network of turnaround directors for KPMG and PwC, a member of Deloitte’s Executive Network and the panel of turnaround professionals for Grant Thornton’s ITEx panel and Begbies Traynor’s BRITE panel.

Annabelle is a Chartered Accountant and turnaround specialist, providing SME consultancy and lender support to banks. She started her career at PwC in London, specialising in complex restructuring projects in the UK, US, Asia and Europe.
Having relocated to the Midlands and become an F&P Consultant in 2015, Annabelle is leading the sale of a UK property portfolio for a major bank and is working with local turnaround clients.

Previously a Partner with Ernst & Young in Johannesburg, David is now a management consultant and Chartered Accountant based in Bristol with 30+ years experience. He specialises in SME's, corporate turnaround and finance, supply chain management, profit and market improvement, mergers and acquisitions.
Having established his own practice in 1995, David now works with over 100 clients including owner-managed business, co-ops, plc's and their subsidiaries in the UK and overseas.

Clive has held senior positions at Barclays Bank and Barclaycard spanning 20 years, and in IT, eCommerce, retail, manufacturing and the public sectors.
With a Post-Graduate Diploma in Management Studies and a background in computing, he has a unique blend of skills, also having worked with organisations including Pets at Home, Santander, Zopa, Specsavers, Toys R Us, Greene King, John Lewis, Atos, HP, Tata and Sainsburys.