The business lending revolution has been transformed in recent years. Peer-to-Peer funding (P2P) has dominated the headlines, but there has never been a wider range of alternative funding options available.

Since the crash of 2008, many depositors and borrowers have been frustrated by the banks. Increased regulation, government levies, capital adequacy rules and ‘toxic’ loan books don’t help. For the banks, lending to SMEs is often uneconomic and unattractive. Hence, the P2P revolution.


Borrowers and lenders are now able to make loans to each other, by-passing banks and financial institutions. Of the £4.64bn lent on P2P platforms in the UK, almost £2bn of that was lent to businesses. Although P2P is positively encouraged by the UK government, its popularity is despite the fact that 3 out of every 4 business owners have never heard of P2P lending.


Many lending platforms simply introduce borrowers to potential lenders. This misses a key point. Not all businesses have high-level financial resources available in-house and, even if they did, they should not be left to manage or structure significant loans without expert and impartial guidance. Our ongoing borrower support makes your business even more attractive to potential lenders, as this provides a reassuring safety net.

F&P have 30 years’ experience of business and property funding, and have arranged almost £100m worth of P2P business loans for borrowers. We assess each loan, recommending adjustments to the affairs and structure of your business as appropriate. Once satisfied that it will be positively received by waiting lenders, F&P package and submit the loan to an appropriate funding platform and its supportive lenders. Once drawn down, we then monitor and report regularly throughout the life of the loan, right up to repayment.


F&P will assess your business with no obligation, to determine whether or not your loan application is likely to be ‘lender-friendly’. We will look at you, your business, your plans for the future and the security you can provide against the loan. If we are satisfied that a P2P loan will suit your business and that our lender platforms can support you, we can take it from there.

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Beech Group are an award winning company, specialising in letting and developing their own high quality, energy efficient properties.

The business model is built on the acquisition of old, unloved city centre property in Manchester, which is then redeveloped to a high standard and designed to meet the needs of young professionals in the city.

Six developments later, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending is established as an effective and efficient method of funding these projects. F&P introduced the Beech Group to lenders via the ThinCats P2P platform early in 2015, and helped to secure the funding needed to secure these much sought after properties as they became available. Quick response was key, and as lenders became more familiar with the cases, increased flexibility on security further accelerated the process.

Round-the-clock support, expert advice and regular visits from a dedicated F&P Consultant have enabled a close, enduring and successful working relationship to develop. Director Stephen Beech credits F&P for much of his success. “The relationship we have with F&P has been invaluable to the development of the business to date.

We are a fast growing organization which is acquiring and developing city center accomodation, so having funders who understood our business and react quickly is essential. Working closely with the buisness, F&P have proved time and again that they are capable of delivering the funding we want through their P2P network in a quick and efficent manner.”

“The relationship we have with F&P has been invaluable to the development of the business to date.”


3DD is a TV production company with 20 years of international licensing experience and 10 years production experience.
Having identified an opportunity to expand its programming from live music TV and documentaries into history and factual genres, the banks were no longer supportive of their sector.

Having approached F&P in their search for alternative funding, 3DD were impressed by the fast and enthusiastic response they received; two meetings in the first 24 hours resulted in typically fast-track Peer-to-Peer (P2P) funding.

Having now replaced their former bank facility with P2P funding through F&P, 3DD brought editing and production resources in-house, saving significant time and money compared to outsourcing these services. It also provided the working capital needed to diversify into more lucrative genres as planned. Their new history series now includes ‘Murder Maps’, ‘Raiders of the Lost Art’, ‘Hitler – Germany’s Fatal Attraction’, ‘Anne Frank – A Tale of Two Sisters’ and ‘The Vietnam War’.

“Funding from P2P lenders has enabled us to expand and diversify. This was possible through the support, advice and help that F&P provided, and continue to provide.” Dominic Saville, CEO 3DD Group

3DD now have a number of new history projects in production around key anniversaries, the 80th anniversary of the Berlin Olympics, the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare and other productions surrounding key historical events for 2017.



Rev1 Limited secured funding and acquired a prominent property in the London Borough of Camden with the intention of redeveloping it to incorporate seven apartments and a restaurant. They subsequently sought additional funding to develop the plans for their appreciating asset, but traditional lending institutions were unable to support this phase of the venture.

Rev1 approached F&P to secure a modest loan to finance the planning stage. F&P Consultants carried out a full assessment of the business and suggested that funds were raised in phases to suit the timing of the development. The case was prepared and presented to lenders on the ThinCats P2P lending platform. The property itself provided ample security against the loan.

The loan was quickly filled and drawn down, and planners, architects and surveyors were engaged.

F&P continue to monitor the development of the property, and offer proactive advice based on their significant experience and expertise in the property sector. The property with full planning, is now valued in excess of £1m. A second P2P loan was arranged with first charge on the property to replace the original bank funding. As with the first loan, this too was fully subscribed by lenders.

Having concluded the planning process, funds are now required for the construction phase. With a forecast profit of £2.5m subject to prevailing valuations, a new Information Pack is being prepared for ThinCats lenders to consider. It is anticipated that, as with previous listings, the application for this new loan as part of the phased raising of funds, will be well received and fully subscribed by the lenders.


KOH bar

In its first year of trading, Koh, a restaurant specialising in authentic Thai food, won Bournemouth’s 2010 Restaurant of the Year and The Good Food Guide Reader’s Recommended Dorset Restaurant. Two further Koh restaurants were added to the Group by 2013, each faithfully reflecting the unique and eclectic style of the original, earning more awards along the way.

Despite this success, funding was proving hard to secure until Koh were introduced to F&P. Since 2013, F&P have arranged P2P loans for leases and fit-outs on new Koh restaurants across the south-east. There are now nine restaurants in the Group.

Secured against the leases and with valuations based on forecast turnover, ThinCats P2P lenders have been keen to support the Group which continues to gain accolades as it grows. Many actively seek out F&P loans for Koh Thai Tapas, as the combined reputation and track record of F&P and Koh provides great reassurance. Koh Director, Andy Lennox, even provides a lender discount for all those who have helped fund the expansion of the Group.

“The convenience of P2P funding through F&P ensured that we could capitalise on opportunities that would otherwise have been lost. They were there when more traditional finance was not available to us. This was good for the business and certainly accelerated our growth. We are still raising funds via P2P lending with F&P three years later”. Andy Lennox, Koh Director