You can achieve attractive investment returns without compromising your approach to risk. Even after factoring in an allowance for default, P2P business lenders can still achieve typical returns of 9-12%.

£2bn in P2P business loans

Lenders can now connect directly with business borrowers via P2P lending platforms. Of the £4.64bn lent on P2P platforms in the UK, almost £2bn of that was lent to businesses. The popularity of P2P business lending and the volume of loans posted on the various P2P lending platforms continues to grow.

Trouble-Free Investment Opportunities

F&P recognise the needs of lenders, and manage the affairs of their clients to help ensure attractive and trouble-free investment opportunities for those individuals, companies and pension funds with funds to invest. Lenders recognise and appreciate the depth of our due diligence and the reassurance of the strict monitoring of all loans until they are fully repaid, and actively seek out loans posted by F&P to support.
No F&P clients are left to their own devices. Before a loan is ever posted, F&P professionals assess the client, the individuals associated with the business, the corporate and operational structure of the company, their business plans and the security they can provide against the proposed loan. By providing this expert guidance and managing each loan from initial application, through packaging, posting and draw down to repayment, both client and lender can be confident that nothing will be left to chance, and risk is diligently managed.