3DD Entertainment Ltd.




    £1m – 5m

  • TERM

    48+ months





3DD is a TV production company with 20 years of international licensing experience. The accelerated growth of the business over the past five years has been funded by a series of 15 P2P loans arranged by F&P.

Each of the previous loans were designed to address key strategic growth objectives, all of which were met successfully. As a result, the latest and largest loan to date, has been listed at a reduced rate on the same P2P funding platform. It will be used to repay all outstanding loans and, with an additional smaller loan too, further programming can now be undertaken whilst the savings from the loan consolidation ease cashflow in the wider business.

Smart financial planning and a close working relationship between F&P and our client has enabled this solution, as only after establishing a good borrower track record over several years, would the platform accept the more favourable loan conditions

In the past, 3DD had used P2P funding to bring editing and production resources in-house, saving significant time and money compared to outsourcing these services. It also provided the working capital needed to diversify into more lucrative genres.

“Funding from P2P lenders has enabled us to expand and diversify. This was possible through the support, advice and help that F&P provided, and continue to provide.”

Dominic Saville, CEO 3DD Group

Unlike mainstream institutions, enlightened P2P platform lenders recognised the significant value of the 3DD back catalogue as a business asset. Rights to this library of high quality broadcast media was used as security against the earlier loans, and of course has continued to grow and rise in value as new programmes have been produced.

If you seek business funding, in the first instance contact Rolly Bakshi , Head of Business Development at F&P on 020 7433 3631. He will be able to assess your case being mindful of your needs, and proactively explain the options that are most suitable to meet your business objectives.