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  • November 15, 2018

Digby Fine English Wines, founded by Trevor Clough and Jason Humphries, repay loan secured on their maturing wine.

Trevor and Jason found an interesting way of sourcing investment to grow – a Peer-to-Business funding solution from F&P SponsorsIvor Freedman’s flare for resolving conundrums led to the loan being secured against the value of the wine itself.

“Secured Business Funding has enabled us to grow the business at a far quicker rate than we would otherwise have been able to.” said Trevor Clough who recognised that, “F&P identified a value in the wine that was maturing and saw it as an appreciating asset. Consequently, Digby was listed on the ThinCats platform and the funds were raised.”

Trevor is in no doubt of the part F&P has played in the company’s growth: “Many of the more ‘traditional’ forms of lending were not open to us, as it appeared that we did not have the levels of security they were looking for.”

Digby Fine English Wines is one of the many success stories within the F&P portfolio of borrowers. To date, F&P have secured some £150 million in loans from various source lenders.

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