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Beech Group are an award-winning property management company, specialising in developing and letting high quality, energy-efficient properties.

The business model is built on the acquisition of old, unloved city centre properties in Manchester, which are then redeveloped to a high standard to meet the needs of young professionals in the city Six developments later, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending is established as an effective and efficient method of funding these projects. F&P introduced the Beech Group to lenders via the ThinCats P2P platform early in 2015, and helped to secure the funding needed to secure these much sought after properties as they became available. Quick response was key, and

as lenders became more familiar with the cases, increased flexibility on security further accelerated the process.

“F&P have proved time and again that they are capable of delivering the funding we want through their P2P network in a quick and efficient manner”

Stephen Beech, Director Beech Group

Round-the-clock support, expert advice and regular visits from a dedicated F&P Consultant have enabled a close, enduring and successful working relationship to develop. Director Stephen Beech credits F&P for much of his success. “The relationship we have with F&P has been invaluable to the development of the business to date.

We are a fast growing organisation which is acquiring and developing city centre accommodation, so having funders who understand our business and react quickly is essential.”

If you seek business funding, in the first instance contact Rolly Bakshi, Head of Business Development at F&P on 020 7433 3631. He will be able to assess your case being mindful of your needs, and proactively explain the options that are most suitable to meet your business objectives.