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English wines sparkle!

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Digby Fine English Wines will shortly be listing a loan for the expansion of one of England’s leading sparkling wine (champagne) producers. This highly rated product came out top in blind tastings in France against the famous brands. The English chalk downs and climate now provide ideal conditions for growing optimal grapes. In fact, a number of leading French champagne houses are buying land in Kent and Sussex.

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Life after Brexit!

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At present we are all experiencing a “Rabbit” in the Headlights” moment.

The “Knee jerk” reaction is to do nothing. However, I fundamentally believe that for P2B (Peer to Business) lenders, this decision will provide even more opportunities that we can take advantage of. In the short term, we expect interest rates to fall and the Bank of England is ready to re-start the quantitative easing program, designed to support the big banks. In this scenario, I believe that big bank lending to SMEs will tighten and we should be able to source even more high quality lending propositions.

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