Diamonds all set to shine even brighter

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  • July 12, 2016

Henig Diamonds are one of the UK’s leading Diamond Merchants. They sell to over 4000 jewellery retailers and run a very sophisticated online distribution system. Their sales team are based in the Henig Diamonds London office in Hatton Garden, and each salesperson is responsible for no more than 400 customers.

diamond ring

Henig are soon to apply for funding. The loan is due to be listed by F&P on peer-to-peer (P2P) funding platform towards the end of August or early September 2016. The loan is expected to be for circa £700,000 and the funds will used be to expand the sales team and acquire more stock. The loan will be secured against property assets held by the partners and personally guaranteed by them.


  • john says:

    That’s great, how can I invest?

    • LarryF says:

      Hi John, I am assuming you are registered with ThinCats but I don’t think you are on our early warning list. If you click on the 24 Hour Borrower Enquiry Page above and subscribe, you will be added to that list. Once on the list, you will automatically receive an alert whenever one of our loans is about to go live. In the specific case of Henig Diamonds, we have had an extended period of due diligence but the loan will be listed and going live very soon. As soon as that is imminent, we will be sending out an alert to all of our investors.

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