Funding repaid by grateful product innovator

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  • November 14, 2018

Hot stone storage and heating invention funded by P2P loan

Jason Wong, MD of Vulsini Limited, invented and patented a new product for Hot Stone and Warm Bamboo Massage therapists, and F&P were able to sponsor funding for the innovative solution.

“The banks wouldn’t listen. Your guidance and skill helped us secure the funding we needed. Our business is now thriving and profitable with great prospects” Jason Wong, Vulsini Managing Director

F&P helped Wong to raise funds to develop his unique design Hot Stone Bag with built-in heating element. The dual purpose product offered storage for transit and heated the massage stones ready to be used by visiting therapists. Wong has repaid the loan in full on the ThinCats P2P platform, and is delighted that he was able to expand his business with the help of F&P.

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