Restaurant Group settles bill as business continues to flourish

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  • November 14, 2018

Social Standard Ltd now have a chain of contemporary restaurants in four locations in the west of the UK.  Serving signature beers to compliment a modern menu for discerning customers, the Group is now well established and on an upward trajectory.

Initially funded by peer-2-peer (P2P) loans sponsored by F&P during the development phase, Directors Dominic Wood and Tim Moores relied on tactical funding to realise their ambitious plans during the early years. Those initial loans are now fully repaid, and they have successfully built and managed their business to a stage where they can refinance with a mainstream bank.

F&P sponsored P2P loans for Social Standard to acquire their restaurant leases and fund fit-out and opening costs. The Group now consists of four bars and restaurants:

The Urban Standard                 Bristol

North St Standard                     Bristol

Southside Standard                  Exeter

Society Standard                      Cardiff

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